Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stay in My Dreams

I’m hiding you in my dreams
Where no one can find you
It’ll be just you and I lovers for all time
We are a pair
Like the puffy cloud that accents the bright sun
Like the water lapping against the rocks under the pier
Like the milk that blends with my black tea
We are love
As long as we’re together
I’m sorry I can’t let you out
But my dreams are a wonderful place
Full of the orgasmic willows aside a roaring river
Rife with the loud softness of the cooing ecstasy
Replete with wandering delights in technicolor surround sound
Oh the kisses we’ll kiss
The hugs we’ll hug
The thrusting and the bumping and the shouts of sex that we’ll fuck
Will you stay?
Will you trust my heart and the leaping soaring soul that embraces
Can you come
And cum
In my dreams
You and I 
And destiny 
Have to agree
That arrangements can be made
Deals struck
Vows pledged
Together we will fight the nightmares
Defeating them through the pristine perfection of our coupling
And in joyous triumph we’ll celebrate by hopping from cloud to cloud
Through snowy mountains
Across the briny bubbling rocking socking seas
You must enter my dreams
No one will find you there
You’ll be with me and my smiles, my laughs, my jokes, my tears
Oh and my thoughts
And of course, my body
That will seek you out at every turn
For hidden in my dreams you will succumb to passion
And my oh my 
So will I

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