Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get in Touch With Your Inner Lunatic

Getting in touch with my insanity...ahem...
It’s really important to suppress the sanity in oneself
It’s what being an artist is all about
Look at those people rushing off to BUILDINGS
In their cubicles
Talking phone calls
Sending business emails
Reading business emails
Sharing office gossip
Rushing home to their TVs
They’re the normal ones
Maybe when they were younger they touched it
Their insanity
But have since locked it away
Trying to keep it from coming out
Look out, it’ll express itself
In too many drinks
Or depression
Or a psychotic episode
Or insomnia
Or an eating disorder
Or rages
Or sexual deviancy
You can’t keep your madness under lock and key
You try that and it’ll sneak out
Boo! There it is
Let your craziness out to play
It helps you see how you are
Express what you feel
What you want
That sanity is okay in small doses
It’ll help you pay the bills and wash the dishes
But you can’t have any fun with it
You don’t learn anything from it
And you sure don’t create anything
Or beautiful 
With it
I’m going to delve into the loony in me
Try it yourself friend
Thank me later (in a moment of sanity, perhaps)

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