Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Significance of the Sigh

How they burned
Scorching this love of hers
Sizzling the memories
The fumes trailing in the wind
Of a love so deep and
Yet not to last
Never in a million and three years
Too bright
Too hot
Consumed by the flaming passion
Of long held kisses
And their naked bodies intertwined
All that but so much more
Their spirits inseparable
Their minds seemingly as one
Not matter too trivial between them
Everything all important
Souls finding significance in every sigh
Pushing one another to the extreme
Testing love’s limits 
Never willing to let go
It seemed so perfect
The ultimate expression of love’s desire
To find a partner
Somewhere a misstep
That turns into a glancing blow
That leads to words
That show the crack
That is soon a crevice
And over so suddenly
So impossibly final
Memories hang in the air
Visit them at your will
Or not at all
But do so with a sigh

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